Main Abilities


  • Special operations drones – Zickel Engineering masters drone technology and caters to drones that are designed for special operations; it even built its own Pixhawk based autopilot.

  • GNC for various airframes – writing requirements and system simulation that combines an aerodynamic model and includes everything needed for Guidance, Navigation and Control of aircrafts, including the infrastructure for automatic implementation of the flight computer code and pre-flight HIL testing.

  • Building autopilots from scratch, algorithm design, choosing and manufacturing hardware and software, algorithm implementation, integration and flying. Zickel Engineering’s biggest achievement yet – designing a 3cm2 autopilot for Powerup paper airplanes control, navigation and guidance.

  • Missile control and navigation – Zickel Engineering has served as the leading contractor in developing a rolling shell navigation concept, writing a system simulation and monitoring and navigating algorithms for Rokar’s Silver Bullet that has some of the world’s best performances!

  • Flight innovation – Zickel Engineering typically spearheads large projects to accelerate their full scale development, according to Lockhead Martin’s Kelly Johnson’s SkunkWorks® rules.

Various Flight Projects