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Zickel Engineering offers one–stop solutions for integrated multidisciplinary projects in the fields of System Engineering, Aeronautics, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering,
Control, and Electronics.

What we do

Zickel Engineering provides a comprehensive solution, from analysis of customer needs to delivery of a finished product, covering the following project phases:

System Engineering

Requirements analysis, system engineering, writing system specifications and Statement of Work.


System modeling, simulation, algorithm development, closing of control loops.

App Development

Application development in common PC environments e.g. Windows, Linux.
Embedded real-time programming


Preparation for production, integration, designing system tests and processing the results.



PCB design and layout.


Mechanical & Electronics

Hardware selection, including MEMS\GPS sensors, mechanical and electronic design and manufacturing.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems


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Why we are different

The Zickel Engineering team includes system engineers, aeronautical engineers, mechanical and control engineers, software engineers, electrical engineers and external consultants for fields not covered by the core team like aerodynamics, RF and documentation.

The company’s staff is a winning combination of young brilliant engineers, and senior experienced ones in the high-tech, civilian and military industries, with emphasis on aerial and space domains.

Our engineers are highly analytical and excel in finding creative solutions to complex problems.

Through team–work and attention to detail, we offer a fast response without compromising quality.

The company employs classic Skunk Works® methods to quickly ramp-up a project with minimal risk for the customer.


“If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney

PixBerry 1


The Smallest Commercial flight Controller

6DoF Motion Simulator


Airspeed pitot

Smart Sniper

Red Baron Interceptor

Zickel Engineering specializes in:

– Feasibility studies of Airborne, Ground and Maritime systems
– Control, guidance and navigation algorithms
– Investigation of performance envelope for different systems
– Parachute integration and speed reduction in aerial systems
– Aeroballistics

Zickel Engineering performs fast prototyping and proof-of concept.


Among the projects Zickel Engineering has recently completed one can find:

  • Building of the Distributed Space System Laboratory – Satellite Formation flying simulator for the Aeronautics and Space Faculty of the Technion.
  • Wireless Sensor Network – Design and deployment of a mesh network
    (up to 50 nodes) reporting to a PC based data repository. Analysis and display of data in real-time and offline.
  • Various aeronautical projects including 6DOF simulations, guidance, flight envelopes and authoring of system manuals.
  • Flight control and guidance for various vehicles.
  • Integration of GPS and MEMS for pointing and line-of-sight stabilization.
  • Development of open source simulation tools for large projects using Scicos and Scilab.
  • Improving the performance of low-cost GPS receivers by combining phase and code data.
  • Integration of a cellular modem with a coordinator unit for reducing data collection cost.

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Our Clients

Zickel Engineering works with various Israeli companies from various industries


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